Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL) is a query language used to search Salesforce data for specific information. It is similar to SQL but is designed specifically for Salesforce data.

SOQL can be used for retrieving and filtering data from Salesforce objects, accessing related objects, and performing aggregate functions on data.

SOQL can also be used to retrieve data for reports, dashboards, and custom applications.

It is worth learning SOQL as a Salesforce professional because it allows you to efficiently and effectively retrieve and analyze data from Salesforce.

With SOQL, you can easily retrieve data that is relevant to your business needs, and use it to make informed decisions. Additionally, SOQL is a core Salesforce technology and is essential for building custom applications and integrations. By mastering SOQL, you can improve your productivity and become a more valuable member of your Salesforce team.

I hope the following articles and resources are of use to you on your Salesforce journey.

SOQL Resources

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