Pro Bono Salesforce Administration

Are you a nonprofit? Or a small business using Salesforce without dedicated Salesforce staff?

If so, I want to extend an offer to you.

I am so passionate about the impact Salesforce can have, whether it be assisting with fundraising, managing your sales process, or being the engine that drives your organization’s operations, I regularly donate one day (8 hours) of my time to help a nonprofit or small business optimize or improve their Salesforce Org.

Who Qualifies?

I love offering this opportunity to Nonprofit’s and Small businesses that have Salesforce but don’t have a dedicated Salesforce Administrator.

Whether you have someone in-house who juggles Salesforce amongst their other tasks or hire an agency when you need something done, I try and find opportunities to assist where you wouldn’t otherwise be able to get the work done yourself.

What Is Included?

The exact details vary, but I am willing to offer you up to 8 hours of my time to devote to whatever it is that would help you the most, with your Salesforce Org. This varies between organizations and companies. Some want to update and edit their data model (Objects and Fields etc), some need assistance with automation with Flows, and others want help with Reports and Dashboards.

What’s the Catch?

There is no catch. I can’t guarantee that I am available when you contact me, as I can only provide a limited number of these per month. But if my availability lines up with your needs, I am genuinely open to offering you a day of my time at no financial cost to you.

If you are happy with the work I provide, I may ask if you are willing to provide a testimonial I could use on my website, but this will not be compulsory.

If you have at further questions about the nature of this offer, or to enquire about my availability to provide it at this time – please get in touch and I would be happy to answer any questions you have.